Indonesia is an archipelagic country owning many more interesting tourist attractions than any other country has. Besides Bali Island, Java has very interesting tourist destinations for domestic and international tourists. Hence Java becomes the Indonesia Java International Destination and become a target of millions of tourist. Java is an Island owning solidest resident in Indonesia. Even though, it is not the biggest island. It is smaller than Sumatra Island, Kalimantan, Sulawesi or Papua Island.

Surakarta, Central Java
Surakarta represent a metropolis with priceless cultural properties confessed by international world. Solo is located about 65 km north-east of Yogyakarta and 100 km south-east of Semarang. Solo has many culture properties. This Properties make Surakarta (Solo) become one of the Indonesia of Java International Destination. Well we are to divide the tourist destinations in Solo become four, namely;

1. Natural Tourist

2. Cultural and Historical Tourist

3. Expense Tourist

Natural Tourist in Solo
In area of Karesidenan of Solo, precisely in Karanganyar, Central Java, there is an interesting tourist of nature to be visited. The Natural Tourists are, for example, Grojogan Sewu, and Tea Garden in area of Tawangmangu

Cultural Tourist in Solo
Solo is well known as a Cultural Town in Java and become one of the Indonesian tourist and international tourist destination. It is not hard to visit various location of cultural tourist in Solo, such as, Surakarta Palace, Glorious Mosque, Radya Pustaka Museum. Then, there is also a location of Batik in Solo, that is Kauman and Laweyan. They are well known as Batik Kampong.

Expense Tourist
If you have arrived to Solo, it is incomplete if you don’t bring any kinds of typical food, batik clothes and or crafting. To go shopping to buy some batiks you can directly visit to Market Klewer, PGS ( Center of Solo Grocery), BTC ( Beteng Trade Center) or also showrooms of Batik, such as, Danarhadi and Purple Gold. You can also come to Textil Center, maker of military clothes having international level in Sritex, a Garmen manufactory.

As an Indonesia Java International Destination, Solo, is provided with various international facilities, such as, Hotel, transportation, restaurant and International Adisumarmo Air Port. See You At Solo.
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